Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern: South Korea

We’re reaching the end of the hype week for the South Korea episode of “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.”

This has all been in the works since we first got the call to help with the show back in August 2008.  I don’t think I have another Bizarre Foods post left in me.  By now, I think they’re scattered all over the place.  So I’ll link all the Bizarre Foods Posts here.

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Behind-the-scenes with Bizarre Foods

Part 1: Scouting Locations – We help come up with foods, restaurants and ideas for the show.

Part 2: Getting Folks on Camera – Finding Koreans to speak English on TV is hard.

Part 3: Noryangjin Fish Market – Chef Kim and Andrew wander a wonderland of seafood

Part 4: The Blogger Outing – ZenKimchi’s time to represent

Behind-the-scenes Pictures


100 Korean Foods You Gotta Try

15 Strangest Foods I’ve Tried Thus Far

Gobchang Gui – Grilled beef intestines

Hong-eo – Fermented skate

Cheonggukjang – “Dead Body Stew”

Gamjatang – “Potato Soup” but really pork spine soup

Haejangguk – “Hangover Stew” with pork backbone, similar to Gamjatang

Beondaeggi (Silkworm Larvae) and Roasted Crickets – at the end of the video

Bog-eo – Blowfish

Corn Ice Cream

Baechu Kimchi – Cabbage Kimchi

Hui – Korean sashimi with live octopus

Jokbal – Pigs Feet

Sundae – Gelatinous Blood and Noodle Sausage

Budae Jjigae – “Army Base” Stew, traditionally including hot dogs and Spam

Haemultang – Seafood Soup

Chicken Galbi with Live Octopus

Grilled Pork WITH SKIN (Ggeobdaegi Ogyeopsal 껍대기 오겹살)

Smothered Raw Crabs

Korean Fried Chicken

Kids Love Squid

Acorn Jelly Salad

SundaeGuk – A big bowl of nasty

Crunchy Baby Crabs

Spicy Chicken Feet

The Meat Buffet

Andong Soju

Yogurt Soju

Strange Finds

Other Links

Bizarre Foods Video Central – Whatever videos we find, we post here

“In Defense of Bizarre Foods” – My rant in response to a Village Voice blogger’s tirade against the show

The Official Site for the South Korea Episode

UPDATE: The South Korea episode is now available for purchase in iTunes.


Eun Jeong’s Doenjang Jjigae 된장 찌개

Raw… Horse… Meat!


18 thoughts on “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern: South Korea”

  1. I finally got to see this episode. it was great! But I didn’t get to see you at all. I thought it was so much better then Bourdain when he was there. Great work!

  2. Congratulations! A great achievement, I can’t wait to see the episode. I was at Chef Kim’s last night and look forward to seeing him on screen.

  3. [singing] “David Lebovitz commented on my blog. David Lebovitz commented on my blog. David Lebovitz commented on my blog.”

    Can’t think of anymore lyrics.

    “David Lebovitz commented on my blog…”

  4. I read that criticism of Bizarre Foods you linked to previously and expected to see these things in the Seoul ep. I saw none of the things the guy was bitching about. He seemed respectful, exceedingly polite to everyone, full of many compliments for Seoul you almost never hear from expats, and genuinely impressed with what he saw. I think the reviewer you linked to was just looking to be offended and worked hard to find it.

    Anyway, great ep.

  5. Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern ‘s korean episode (s04e02) just been reeled out by . People who haven’t seen it can get it by using torrent.

  6. We will be in Seoul in a few days and defintely will check this Noryangjin Fish market out and look forward to having our food cooked so freshly..

    Quick question, because we dont want to be ripped off, can someone give us an idea of some realistic fish, shellfish, seafood pricing so we can bargain when we buy?

    Thanks so much

  7. I’m really curious to try the soup with the live fish, was that haemultang? Where would I go to find it served specifically with live fish? I’ve had live shrimp, gaebul and sannakji at Noryangjin so that probably my best bet eh?

      • Any clue on where to find any places still doing so? I thought I saw a place in Dongdaemun’s fish alley that had live loach fish outfront the other night, but didn’t see them tonight…but it was sunday around 8pm so a lot of the places were subdued. I’m thinking Noryangjin is my best bet, now that I know what kind of fish to look for. They used to sell them live at my local market but I wouldn’t know how to make the soup myself! Ah, Korea, land of delicious and often cheaper to eat out than make it yourself foods.


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