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Majang Meat Market Experience

Our premium meat lovers tour! High end Korean Hanwoo beef at Korea’s only meat-only market

The Dark Side of Seoul Ghost Walk

Korea’s #1 dark history and folklore tour. One of the best ways to really get to know Seoul.

The Ultimate Korean BBQ Night Out

Feel like you actually live in Seoul! Immerse yourself with great BBQ, drinks, and friends.

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If you enjoy good food and want to learn about eating habits and table manners in korea, it’s the ideal solution.


The Ultimate Korean BBQ Night Out

Although I’m not a believer of ghosts, it was still awesome to learn the history of all those places!



It’s a tour which is off the normal tourist track which makes it even better.


The Ultimate Korean BBQ Night Out

The Dark Side of Seoul Tour was a blast! Joe was a knowledgeable and accommodating guide that told interesting stories with a dramatic flair! I was legitimately creeped out by a few of them.


Dark Side of Seoul

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Our guides are old hats in Seoul, Korea. Some are bloggers. Some are interpreters. Some are chefs and food writers. They ALL have a passion to show visitors around their ‘hoods.

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Born & Bred: Is It Worth It?

Born & Bred: Is It Worth It?

Type: Fine Dining Korean BBQ Good for: Saying you went to a MIchelin restaurantThe allure of Michelin-starred restaurants is undeniable. The prestigious Michelin Guide has long been a beacon of culinary excellence, and its recommendations are often seen as the...

Nanta | Is it worth it?

Nanta | Is it worth it?

Nanta: Korea’s “Stomp” with a side of kimchi. Enjoy non-verbal antics, a dash of cringe, and awkward foreigner participation. It’s a bootleg of a bootleg—Seoul, you’re better than this.

Petit France | Is it worth it?

Petit France | Is it worth it?

Petite France: Korea’s identity-crisis Epcot. Fly halfway around the world for fake French vibes and bad spaghetti. No baguettes, no berets, just a faux Francophonic fantasy. Go if you dare, regret if you do.

Nami Island | Is it worth it?

Nami Island | Is it worth it?

Nami Island: Korea’s faux paradise. Dodge Instagram Couples™ on pedal-powered chariots of narcissism while pondering art made of recycled soju bottles. A garden with a zip line—yawn. Skip it.

14 Must-eat Korean Foods In Seoul and Where To Eat

14 Must-eat Korean Foods In Seoul and Where To Eat

I've been writing about Korean food in Seoul since 2004 at ZenKimchi. I've consulted Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern, Lonely Planet, Conde Nast Traveler, The Travel Channel, and other world media in finding the must eat Korean foods.Here's the ultimate list. These...

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Adventures we have on our excursions

The Original ZenKimchi Korean Food Journal

11 Best Korean Chicken Joints

11 Best Korean Chicken Joints

My rule of thumb is this. To tell a good chicken place, look at the people inside. If it’s full of beautiful young women taking selfies, likely isn’t good chicken. If it’s full of middle-aged men who look like life has kicked them in the teeth–GREAT CHICKEN!

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Recipe: Korean Tofu “Steak”

Recipe: Korean Tofu “Steak”

Not THAT Tofu Steak A larger variation of many traditional Korean pancakes, Tofu Steak was trendy for a while in dieting circles. The "steak" in this sense is supposed to resemble the Korean and Japanese versions of Hamburger Steak. It's basically Tofu Meatloaf. You...

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