Finding Quti

You may have noticed the Korean lost cat ad I posted in the blog. That’s because I had set up a Facebook ad targeting people…

고양이를 찾습니다!

고양이를 찾습니다! *사례금* W100,000 실종장소: 월드메르디앙아파트 312동, 313동근처 실종일시: 9월 10일 ~10시 연락주세요 010-2358-0819

9 Great Korean Restaurant Franchises (and bad ones) 2021

Maetdollo-man 맷돌로만

There’s something I’d say for Korea that I wouldn’t say for America–there are some freakin’ good restaurant franchises that I’d recommend even over independent restaurants. Their quality is consistently good….

11 Best Korean Chicken Joints 2021

My rule of thumb is this. To tell a good chicken place, look at the people inside. If it’s full of beautiful young women taking selfies, likely isn’t good chicken. If it’s full of middle-aged men who look like life has kicked them in the teeth–GREAT CHICKEN!

10 Days in Seoul: A 2021 food guide

This is your ultimate Seoul food guide. Reader (and friend) Żaklina had this question: Do you have recommendations or a 10-day restaurant tour guide for Seoul? My parents are coming…

Korean Pork Belly Recipe

If you have ever been to South Korea, you’ve most likely tried traditional pork belly. The meat is tender and not too spicy, and it’s a perfect part of a…

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