ZenKimchi in the Media

Articles, TV shows, and radio shows that we have made or have been featured in

ZenKimchi has been featured in and has consulted for media such as Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain, The New York Times, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Lonely Planet: Korea, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Harper’s Bazaar Korea, and the Peter Greenberg Worldwide radio show. We have also written for or Plate Magazine, Yonhap News Agency, 10 Magazine, SEOUL Magazine, The Korea Herald, Newsweek Korea, The JoongAng Daily, The Korea Times, Walkerhill Magazine, and Korea.kr. We were voted into the Top Ten Best Blogs of 2011 by FriendsEat and one of the top ten best Korea blogs in 10 Magazine.


Press TV Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain [TBA, Worldwide (CNN)] Consultant/Fixer
 Press TV Far Flung with Gary Mehigan [TBA, Australia] On-air Talent
 Press TV Gizzi Erskine Project [TBA, UK] Consultant/On-air Talent
 Press TV Food Paradise International [TBA, USA (Travel Channel)] Consultant/Fixer/On-air Talent
Press Newspaper The New York Times, “Korea’s Fish Special: A Delicate Mix of Outhouse and Ammonia” [June 2014] Quoted
Press Blog Eat Cook Explore, “Eating Korean at Taste of London 2014” [June 2014] Mentioned
 Press Magazine Conde Nast Traveler [April 2014, USA, Fixer] Fixer
Press Newspaper The Korea Times, “How Joe McPherson became Korean food ‘expert‘” [February 2014] Interviewed
Newspaper The Washington Post, A food warrior looks back on 2013” [December 2013] Source
 ChefOnTheRoad  TV Chef on the Road (with Ryan Clift) [Fall/Winter 2013, Worldwide (Nat Geo Channel)] Consultant/Fixer/On-air Talent
Press  Blog Chopsticks + Marrow, “ZenKimchi’s Joe McPherson Digs Down-home Korean, BBQ Sauce” [March 2013] Interviewed
Blog  Korea Blogs, “Interview: Joe McPherson of ZenKimchi” [October 2012] Interviewed
중앙일보 Newspaper 중앙일보 JoongAng Ilbo, Korean version [2013-2014] Opinion Columnist
Press Speech  TED Talent Search “The meteoric rise of Korean food” [June 2012] Speech
Press TV Star King [May 2012, Korea (SBS)]  Cooking Contest Judge
Press Podcast  AsiaTalks Podcast “Food in Asia Podcast” [May 2012] Interviewed
Press TV  Kimchi Chronicles [June 2011, USA (PBS)] Consultant
Joemag1 cover 798x10241 ZenKimchi in All Korean Issue of Plate Magazine Magazine  Plate Magazine [January 2011, USA] Article & Recipe Writer
 Press Book   Lonely Planet Korea and Lonely Planet Seoul [last two editions] Source
Press TV  생방송 오늘 Fresh Broadcast Today [December 2010, Korea (KBS)] Interviewed
Press TV 런낭맨 Running Man, “Korea House” [November 2010, Korea (SBS)] Cooking Contest Judge
 Press Magazine Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia [September 2010, Southeast Asia] Source/Featured
HarpersBazaar1 Joe in Harper's Bazaar Magazine Harper’s Bazaar Korea [August 2010, Korea] Featured
Press TV  “Today’s Blog” [August 2010, Korea (Arirang TV)] Featured
Press TV 사랑해요 Korea (I Love You, Korea) [July 2010, Korea (SBS)] Featured
주간조선 로고 Magazine Chosun Weekly [April 2010, Korea] Featured
tedxseoullogo1 TEDx Seoul and KOTESOL Talks  Speech TEDx Seoul “How to Promote Korean Cuisine Overseas” [March 2010, Korea] Speech
Press Newspaper The JoongAng Daily, “Foreign foodies flock to the web” [February 2010, Korea] Featured
Press Radio KBS World, Seoul Scene with Matt Kelley [February 2010, Worldwide] Interviewed
Press Radio Peter Greenberg Worldwide [December 2009, Worldwide]  Interviewed
Press Magazine Newsweek Korea [September 2009, Korea] Opinion Column
Press Newspaper The Korea Times, “Foreign Foodies Generate Strong Following” [July 2009, Korea] Featured
Press TV 30분 다쿠 30-minute Documentary [May 2009, Korea (KBS)] Featured
Press TV  Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern [April 2009, USA (Travel Channel)] Consultant/Fixer
Press Newspaper  The New York Times, “The Weird, Wild and, Ultimately, Sublime” [July 2008] Source
 Press Magazine   Korea AgraFood, “Korea – Sweet home away from home” [July 2008] Interviewed
 Press Newspaper   The New York Times, “Koreans Share Their Secret for Chicken With a Crunch” [February 2007] Quoted



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