This is the post where I’ll land videos that I find on the internet regarding the Bizarre Foods: South Korea episode.


Noryangjin Fish Market:


Chu-eotang 추어탕 (Live Loach Soup)

UPDATE: Looks like the whole show has been posted in segments.

Segment 1: Noryangjin Fish Market (live octopus) — Guide: Chef Hu-nam Kim


Segment 2: Fermented Bean Paste, Fermented Skate, Changgukjang Jjigae (“Dead Body Soup”) — Guide: Soo-jung Kang


Segment 3: Chu-eoTang (live loach soup) and more soups, Korean Barbecue — Guides: Terry Rah, Richard Choi, Robert Egbert, Julie Yi


Segment 4: Kimchi factory, Street Food — Guide: Soo-jung Kang


Segment 5: Blogger outing with Turtle Soup, Blowfish and Grilled Eel — Guides: Daniel Gray, Eun Jeong Lee, Eun Hak Lee


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