Guest Blogging

Thank you for wanting to give your time and talent to ZenKimchi.  We welcome great writing, photography and recipes.  Posting your work on ZenKimchi increases your exposure to an audience of food lovers.  We are one of the top Korean food blogs on the internet, as well as one of the top Google results for Korean food.

Advantages of Contributing

  • You can link back to your blog in your profile, helping your hit counts and SEO.
  • Your profile and picture are placed at the top next to your blog posts.
  • Occasionally we have opportunities for ZenKimchi bloggers, like writing for print publications, TV appearances, special dinners and events, and more.

We have a few requirements before you sign up.

  • Your topic is Korean food or food in Korea.
  • Preferably someone who lives in or has lived in Korea.
  • You are not a serial SEO guest poster, i.e., no queries to guest post about “10 Healthy Ways to Eat” that you’ve pitched to every other food blog. We’re not a content farm. If you still attempt to submit SEO spam posts we will publicly humiliate you.

Please contact us.

Joe McPherson, Founding Editor


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