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George Takei in Korea. Oh My!

George Takei and his husband Brad are touring Korea and Japan to promote the musical Allegiance, about the American interment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, … Read more

Video: Roy Choi of Kogi Taco Truck

Filmmaker Fridolin Schoepper created a video about Roy Choi, the much celebrated chef who started the whole Korean taco and food truck craze. Chef Choi will be part of The Avant/Garde Diaries, a show curated by Mike D of the Beastie Boys.

Re: Michael Hurt

I’m posting about this because he said it was cool. It hasn’t been announced much publicly on the K-blogosphere. Stalwart of the Korean bloggers, one … Read more

Five Questions for Akira Back

Born Baek Seung Woo in Korea and raised in Colorado, Akira Back has been executive chef at the Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge at the Bellagio … Read more