George Takei and his husband Brad are touring Korea and Japan to promote the musical Allegiance, about the American interment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, and to promote LGBT rights. My friend, the extremely handsome Walter Foreman, interviewed him on TBS eFM for a broadcast this weekend. I woke up early in the morning and trekked into the city to watch. It was a great talk. I sat next to Brad, and we discussed the trip and what’s been going on in the world of Takei.

2014-05-29 10.11.30

After the interview, I briefly got to get his undivided attention amongst other Trekkers in the room (I love our tribe). When I told him I was a food writer, he raved about the Hwe Deopbap he ate last night. So score one for Hwe Deopbap!

2014-05-29 10.11.21

My A.D.D. was getting the worst of me. He’s telling me about Hwe Deopbap, and I’m having to focus extra hard because my brain is shouting, “GEORGE TAKEI! GEORGE TAKEI! GEORGE TAKEI!”

Shut up, brain! I’m trying to not look stupid during this conversation.

Very cool, George and Brad. Warm, actually. I love all the work they’ve been doing in social media as of late. You can follow on Twitter, Facebook, and also watch “Takei’s Take”
on YouTube.

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