New Blog: A Frog in the Kitchen

I’m always on the look out for new Korean food blogs, especially ones with unique angles.  A Frog in the Kitchen takes a French approach to Korean cuisine.  Written by French expat Tiffany Bernard in both English and Korean, the blog tackles a good bit of...

Profile: Moon Sung Sil

I’ve been wanting to introduce people to the Korean side of the food blogosphere.  So every now and then I’ll toss a Korean language blogger your way to add to your subscriptions.  Even if you don’t read Korean, the blogs are worth having around. ...
Roy Choi of Kogi in the WSJ

Roy Choi of Kogi in the WSJ

The Wall Street Journal has a profile of the man who started the gourmet taco truck craze and was inadvertently one of the big boosts to Twitter in the early years (early as in late 2008)–Roy Choi.  Yes, the same Roy Choi of the Kogi Taco Truck.  The story goes...
A Little Love for Maangchi

A Little Love for Maangchi

It looks like our favorite YouTube Korean cooking diva Maangchi has been getting some press lately, in both Korean and English. Maangchi shares: Dakshana Bascaramurty wrote about me in The Globe and Mail last week, which is Canada’s biggest newspaper. Ever since then...

New Kid in Town: Seoul Food

There’s a fresh cool Korean food blog out there that just started in June called Seoul Food.  Even though it’s a couple of months old, it has a good buffet of posts to keep your lunchtime happy. Seoul...
Serious Eater in Seoul.  Give her a call.

Serious Eater in Seoul. Give her a call.

Robyn Lee of megablog Serious Eats is in town to cover the 7th Annual Ddeok Festival.  Feel free to welcome her to Seoul by giving her a text message.  She has posted her temporary cell phone number (010-8061-5215) on the Serious Eats web site. Korea-based...

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