Did I Hear ‘Yogurt Soju?’

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Soju. The national drink of Korea.

I think it’s one of the biggest selling spirits in the world. The Thirsty Traveler said something akin to that.

I had mentioned before that I had discovered some great soju cocktails at Indio. Since then, I have successfully attempted to recreate them at home, particularly the yogurt soju cocktail.

It is built like a highball, meaning that the ingredients are poured directly into the glass in a certain order with no stirring or shaking.

1 shot of Soju
Fill glass 2/3 full with Drinkable Plain Yogurt
Top with Lemon Lime Soda (Sprite, Chilsung Cider, 7-Up)

I have always had it without ice, but I’m sure ice is a welcome option on a hot day. It’s a very refreshing drink and not as high in alcohol as other highballs. This means you can drink a lot of these and not get dehydrated while having your summer BBQs.

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    Every week I post a link to seven recipes that I’ve found on other blogs that I think are interesting or unique. I call it Recipe Carousel because the idea is to spread good recipes around and around and around . . .

    This week is a cocktail theme and I have included a photo of and link to your recipe for Yoghurt Soju

    I hope this is OK with you, but if it’s a problem please let me know.

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