Is American soju 'watered down'?

Is American soju 'watered down'?

Twitter makes it so much easier to “eavesdrop” on conversations of random strangers, which I do via a list of search terms related to Korean cuisine. For every person who asks a question, many others have the same one bouncing around their minds. Even...

Tip: Soju as Industrial Cleaner

Eun Jeong actually got this tip from Korean TV. Everyone knows that common industrial soju is not the traditional rice whiskey that was its origin. From my gathering, it’s pure grain alcohol derived from sweet potatoes and tapioca that’s been diluted and...

Gourmet: Apple Soju Cocktail

Gourmet Magazine posts a recipe for an Apple Soju Cocktail as part of their Halloween collection. The recipe is by David Arnold of the French Culinary Institute and passed along by David Chang of Momofuku.