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In addition to oodles of cold noodles in this sweltering heat, another life saver for meals at home has been one pot cooking dishes which also don’t (or minimally) use open-flame gas ranges.

Soybean Sprout Rice (Kongnamul Bap 콩나물밥) was one of my favorite simple dishes to eat at home while growing up, and I remember eating copious amounts of it with kimchi on the occasions my mom made it for dinner.

Traditionally, or rather when my mother normally made it, she would give the marinated beef a quick cook on the stove while the rice was cooking. Since this is summer, and I would like to keep the stove off as much as possible, this is my simpler recipe which allows everything to cook in the rice cooker.


To eat, add a bit of the sauce, mix it all up, and taste and adjust as needed.


Mixed and ready to eat!

Your one rice cooker meal is now served! It goes wonderfully with some cool and ripened kimchi on the side.

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