About Stewart Ho

Stew is a Korean-American living and working in Seoul, Korea after having lived all his life in the US. He's passionate about all things food related and loves experimenting and trying out dishes in the kitchen when he has the opportunity. He has also started up a blog devoted to his gastronomical adventures which you can follow at http://www.whatsstewin.blogspot.kr/

His dream one day is to host his own travel and cooking food show like the great Anthony Bourdain.

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Here are my most recent posts

Korean Style Arrabbiata Sauce

Korean Style Arrabbiata Sauce

“Fusion” Korean-Italian dishes aren’t unique in Korea but they’re often quite pretentious. Pasta dishes in general still convey a “luxurious” image in Korea and this somehow justifies the often exorbitant prices in restaurants for...
Review: Schneeballen Korea's Schneeball Cookies

Review: Schneeballen Korea's Schneeball Cookies

Like any city, Seoul goes through seemingly random food trends and fads. Once such a trend hits, you’re bound to see the same food or dish almost everywhere from street food carts to even high end restaurants sometimes.   One such trend that has arrived in Seoul...

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