Continuing my fun with 50% off ice cream, the second interesting item I found was corn ice cream.

Did they really mean corn? Corn corn?

Reading the label, I’d say, “Yes.”

Well, the sweet potato ice cream wasn’t so bad. I’ll give this one a try.

Just like the sweet potato ice cream, the corn ice cream came encased in an edible styrofoam mold. It bore a striking resemblance to its namesake. There’s no mistaking here. We’re gonna be eatin’ some corn. I wonder what’s inside.

Looks like a vanilla-type ice cream with a thin spraying of chocolate coating, I assume to help glue it to the corn mold. That doesn’t look as appetizing. Put the mold back on.

Mmm… creamy corny goodness. The corn flavor here is subtle. It’s mostly a generic vanilla ice cream with a hint of a–hmm–popcorn flavor. It’s like a popcorn jellybean.

So now we have two surprisingly good ice creams. Maybe that’s an indicator that all these freaky concoctions are very good.

I’d agree if I hadn’t had the misfortune to try a tomato popsicle last year. I tried to like it, especially since the person who gave it to me was enjoying hers so much. But after three tries, I put it down.

“I’m really sorry. With each bite I hate this more and more.”

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