Korean Cheese Corn

I won’t say that Koreans are obsessed with the dairy-and-corn combination to the degree that those of us with European genes are with chocolate and … Read more

Creamy linguine with leeks, corn and sesame leaves

A recipe for creamy fettuccine with leeks, corn and arugula near the back of the June 2010 edition of Real Simple magazine could have been written by one of those corn-obsessed Korean foodies. Koreans try to sneak corn in everything: pizza, potato salad and even ice cream. So the cup of those ubiquitous sweet corn kernels already gave this recipe Korean moxie, as did replacing the arugula with sesame leaves.

Grits in Korea

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Corn Ice Cream

Continuing my fun with 50% off ice cream, the second interesting item I found was corn ice cream. Did they really mean corn? Corn corn? … Read more