Tex-Mex Bibimbap

Korean food purists walk away.

One evening last week I took over dinner prep and thought I’d make some chicken burritos. Got everything ready and then took out the tortillas. They’d grown a bit of mold. Each one. So I was stuck with the ingredients I had put together. Well, why not replace one starch with another? So I got a metal bowl, put in a few scoops of rice, and topped it with fajita chicken and onions, lettuce, shredded Monterey Jack, and salsa. Stirred it up and didn’t expect it to taste any good.

It was damn good! The cheese brought it together. Melted a bit in the hot rice and chicken. Again, this is proof that you don’t need to make bibimbap a big production. It’s a way to get rid of leftovers.


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  1. Over the Christmas holidays I tried a restaurant with a similar take on 돌솥비빔밥 in the US. It may not have been authentic but it tasted great and pleased my friends with less adventurous palates. 


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