Tex-Mex Bibimbap

Korean food purists walk away. One evening last week I took over dinner prep and thought I’d make some chicken burritos. Got everything ready and … Read more

Cooking Video – Crispy Bibimbap

Just in time for Halloween, not that I intended that in any way or I can force any relations between bibimbap and Halloween, here comes my first self-produced cooking video on crispy bibimbap.

Review: Trader Joes's Bibimbap

The lastest of several prepared Korean dishes introduced recently by Trader Joe’s, a Monrovia, Calif.-based chain of grocery stores, is a frozen version of 비빔밥 … Read more

Tov Tofu, Santa Rosa

Tov Tofu in Santa Rosa opened in late 2010 and is the latest Korean restaurant to open in Sonoma County, a winegrowing region about an … Read more