Easy Kimchi Deviled Quail Eggs

There are some things that are cheap in Korea that are considered delicacies in other parts of the world. One of those is quail eggs. People don't think anything of them in Korea. You can get them raw next to the chicken eggs. But even better, you can get them already...
Tex-Mex Bibimbap

Tex-Mex Bibimbap

Korean food purists walk away. One evening last week I took over dinner prep and thought I’d make some chicken burritos. Got everything ready and then took out the tortillas. They’d grown a bit of mold. Each one. So I was stuck with the ingredients I had...

S’more Gyeongdan

  S’mores!  The combination of graham crackers, gooey marshmallow and chocolate is an American classic that has found so many sweet applications, like cupcakes, bars, shakes, etc.  So it’s only natural that I try my own take on s’more for an...
Korean Fish Tacos

Korean Fish Tacos

The modern fish taco was born in Baja California, although different kinds of fish tacos have been part of that Mexican state’s cuisine for centuries. I made a Korean fish taco with 된장 doenjang-glazed cod, Korean pear salsa and coleslaw (shredded cabbage or...

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