Eun Jeong actually got this tip from Korean TV. Everyone knows that common industrial soju is not the traditional rice whiskey that was its origin. From my gathering, it’s pure grain alcohol derived from sweet potatoes and tapioca that’s been diluted and artificially flavored with maybe a little of it coming from rice. One whiff of industrial soju, and–to me–it smells like a hospital.

If you have some leftover soju around the house or just some you got from a well-meaning friend, don’t despair. It’s funny that a spray nozzle fits perfectly on a soju bottle. We use it around the house as a cleaner. It’s pretty good at cleaning off grease from the stove. It’s not too bad as a window cleaner. It’s also good as a dry cleaner. Spray it on your smoke-ridden clothes, let dry, and much of the smell is gone. And you won’t smell like soju either. You just gotta make sure to wait until it’s dry.

Also, this works only with industrial soju. The expensive Andong stuff–that’s for drinking.

That’s your public service announcement for the day.

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