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6:00 p.m.
Start Location: Gongdeok Station, Exit 7 (bottom of escalator)

Korean BBQ Seoul Food Tour and Night Market

Best food tour we’ve done!

I can highly recommend this tour for couples, friends, solo travelers and anyone really! 

Allie P

Second time and loved it again!

Great food, interesting stories and fun tasting local beverages – soju, makgeolli… I would highly recommend! 



We did the Korean BBQ and added the Chicken and Beer as well and the food was out of this world.

Craig T

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INTERESTING FACT: This is the same restaurant we introduced Anthony Bourdain to–which he loved.

Out of all districts in Seoul, Mapo is the best known for Korean BBQ. We dine at the epicenter of Mapo-style barbecue for some charcoal grilled pork, aged kimchi, and raucous atmosphere. We will then head to the Jeon (Korean Pancake) Market for some cool photos and take our secret entrance into a traditional pub to chill for the evening. Find out why this is not only one of the top things to do in Seoul. It’s one of the top things to do in Korea!

So, to break it down

  • Mapo-style pork BBQ
    • IMPORTANT: Pork is the only BBQ option, as this is the specialty of this restaurant
  • Korean pancake market
  • Korean pancakes and beverages at a traditional pub
  • Optional: For a little extra, we can go to a third venue for old school Korean fried chicken and beer (not related to the Chicken & Beer Experience)

Wear comfortable shoes and bring an ample appetite. The ticket price includes all food. It also includes alcoholic beverages (within reason). Non-alcoholic option is available.

All tours must be booked in advance, please. Tours with no bookings 24 hours ahead of time will be cancelled.


Please read our FAQ.

Time: 6:00 p.m.
Length of tour:
 approx. 3 hours
Type: Walking, eating
Food types for special diet consideration: pork, pancakes, alcohol, smoky environments (even though smoking technically isn’t allowed)
Suggested items: Comfortable walking shoes, umbrella (depends), camera
Start location: Gongdeok Station, exit 7 (lines 5, 6, AREX), bottom of escalator

Missed the booking deadline?

CONTACT US. We may be able to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What all does the price include?

The price includes all the food and drink, including alcohol–within reason.

My plane is landing that afternoon. Will I make it in time?

If you’re landing after 3 p.m., you may not make it in time. Please anticipate bottlenecks and traffic. Unfortunately, this has happened a lot.

What is the BBQ place like?

It’s a vibrant neighborhood joint with concrete floors and lots of noise from diners. It’s not far from our meeting spot. They specialize in a special style of charcoal-grilled pork that pours scrambled egg in a moat in the pan.


Are there vegetarian or non-pork options?

The places we go to have limited focused menus. The BBQ restaurant only serves pork as its meat. There are some noodle options for vegetarians but not alternative BBQ options.


What are the drink options?

At the first place, it’s generally beer and maybe soju. At the second place, we’ll have makgeolli and maybe soju and some other traditional drinks. There is no wine or hot tea. The non-alcoholic options are cola, lemon-lime soda, and water. 


What’s a pancake market?

There aren’t many of these. This market sells savory pancakes and tempura. These are traditionally made for special holidays. They’re also great for drinking. One of the major market vendors also owns a pub. We duck in behind the kitchen to go into it.


What’s the chicken add-on?

By popular request, we started going out for traditional Korean fried chicken and beer some nights. Then we decided to make it a booking option. This is a pub that is stuck at the turn of the millennium. It’s behind the market and has a great neighborhood vibe. They serve what we call a market style fried chicken that we enjoy with some ice cold lager–or soju if you’re so inclined.


How long is it?

It generally lasts 3-4 hours.

Where do we end up?

We finish at the same subway station, Gongdeok. It’s very close. 


Date not available?

We may be able to open a special date for groups of 4 or more. Contact us.


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