Here’s the segment we were on this week on SBS. The show is called “Sarang Haeyo Korea” (“I Love You, Korea”), and it’s hosted by crooner Lee Moon-sae 이문세. There are some cameos by Michael Hurt, Michael Spavor, Joshua Hall and my old high school friend Maggie, as well as the dynamic Eun Jeong with portable fetus Alkongi hangin’ around. The places where they showed us were a tea house in Insa-dong next to the Insa-dong Chatjip, Chin Chin 친친 makkoli pub (Hongdae), Uri Boriso Maul 우리 보리소 마을 (Anyang), and Sanchae Go-eul 산채 고을 한정식 (Anyang).

The scene at the Home Plus, where I was buying the shoes, was a little guerrilla. The big box supermarkets don’t like cameras, so we slipped by the greeters and quickly shot the scene. The Korean camera guy was going to play the foreigner card if we got caught.

The music at the end is, in fact, something I wrote. We had technical issues hooking it up to the speakers, so he recorded it by putting the microphone on the headphones.

We ended up throwing out the budae jjigae  I cooked because it got burnt and a little too salty because I was answering interview questions while it was boiling away. But other than a grilled cheese sandwich for Michael Hurt, it was the first time I ever cooked on video.

Anyway, I thought it would be amusing to share some of the trivial background details. I hope you enjoy it.

(I seriously need to lose some weight.)

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