The Weekly Chosun (주간조선) has published a really good article by Shin Hye-gi about the Hansik “Samchongsa” (“삼총사”), or the Korean Food “Trinity” of food bloggers–that being Seoul Eats, Fatman Seoul, and ZenKimchi.

I’m a slow reader in Korean, but Eun Jeong was wowed by the article, reading it three times. She said it was bold and included a lot of criticisms from us on what’s been going on with the Korean food globalization campaign. She laughed while reading it in the taxi. I glanced at her.


It looks like Ms. Shin printed my comment that only Steve Jobs can dictate to the public what they want. It’s also Alkongi’s first mention in the media. I’ve also never noticed before how even the color schemes of our sites complement each other.

If you want to get a copy, here’s what the cover looks like. The article should be online next week on their site.

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