I hope you New Yorkers enjoyed the Asian Feastival. I’ve been following the updates and pics from @AsianFeastival and @HungryRabbitNYC.

Today is my first day as a full-time blogger and writer. Yes, I’m no longer an English teacher. It hasn’t sunk in yet. Let’s hope this works.

In the meantime, get an issue of Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia. The September edition is all about food, and they featured ZenKimchi as well as other great blogs, such as Market Manila, Chubby Hubby, Kyoto Foodie, Cha Xiu Bao and KampungBoyCityGal. That is some great company.

We are also in great company as one of the “50 Sizzling Hot Asian Cooking Blogs” at Guide to Culinary Schools. The list in alphabetical order. Guess where ZenKimchi is? Heh, heh…

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