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MUST WATCH: Seoul, Our Movie

Honestly, I was skeptical at first when this project was announced. The government was asking people to send in their videos to be assembled into a movie promoting Seoul. I had witnessed so many cheesy heavyhanded endeavors by the government promotional teams over the years. I was expecting sterilized videos highlighting the same old chest-beating culturally masturbatory pabulum that we have seen before.

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Recipe: Cilantro Kimchi

If you read most Korean food blogs, they will tell you that Koreans don’t eat coriander, aka cilantro. They’ll tell you straight to your face that cilantro and Korean cuisine have never crossed paths before.

As the Ask the Korean blog reported a couple of years ago:

“Korea has never grown cilantro, and cilantro is not a part of Korean cuisine. …

But Korean people’s cilantro-hate is nonetheless interesting, because it is a nice reflection of Korea’s insularity.”

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