New Korean-American Web Drama: Eating It

New Korean-American Web Drama: Eating It

Kevin is a second generation Korean-American student contemplating dropping out of medical school as his passion for the culinary world increases, much to the dismay of his traditional parents. I’m sure Chef Hooni Kim could relate. I’ve gotten a sneak peak...
Seoul Restaurant Crime: Nachos

Seoul Restaurant Crime: Nachos

Yes, this actually happened, more than once. Even with more global awareness of world cuisines, there are still restaurants that advertise nachos when they’re really serving chips and dip. Some still serve them with whipped cream, likely because they saw a...

Video: Spiders and Country Bulgogi

Namyangju, east of Seoul. Picked some strawberries, visited a spider museum, had some amazing bulgogi and not-so-amazing sweet potato spoon pizza. This package took egregiously long to film–around 15 hours. I was a bit miffed. I liked the country restaurant....

Video: Peaceful Spot in the City

I’ve discovered that my little pieces for Arirang’s “Korea Today” are on YouTube. I’ll go ahead and post them. This is the most recent one. We went to the neighborhood of Guro in southern Seoul. It’s a gritty neighborhood that...

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