Korean Pork Belly Recipe

If you have ever been to South Korea, you’ve most likely tried traditional pork belly. The meat is tender and not too spicy, and it’s a perfect part of a feast for guests or family gatherings. With this recipe, you can bring all of the beautiful Korean...

[Test Recipe] Temple Food Series: Deulkkae Kalguksu 들깨갈국수

TEST RECIPES ARE WORKS IN PROGRESS AND NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME. This vegan temple food noodle soup takes full advantage of Deulggae, Perilla Seeds. The flavor from these seeds is a hallmark of Korean temple cuisine and country-style cooking in general. This recipe...
Recipe: Korean Tofu “Steak”

Recipe: Korean Tofu “Steak”

Not THAT Tofu Steak A larger variation of many traditional Korean pancakes, Tofu Steak was trendy for a while in dieting circles. The “steak” in this sense is supposed to resemble the Korean and Japanese versions of Hamburger Steak. It’s basically...
Recipe: Acorn Jelly Salad (Dotorimuk Muchim 도토리묵무침)

Recipe: Acorn Jelly Salad (Dotorimuk Muchim 도토리묵무침)

This Korean vegan recipe–oh, why do I even bother saying it’s vegan? It’s just good. I had it for the first time during my second year in Korea. San Maul, which is still my favorite restaurant, tucked in the southern foot of Mt. Gwanaksan. Dotorimuk...

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