The Majang Meat Market Experience

No Vegetarian Option Available

Explore Seoul’s visceral meat market, buy some premium Hanwoo Beef, and grill it on site!

Unique exclusive experience guided by a foodie

Active meat market--not for weak constitutions

Buy premium Hanwoo Beef from a butcher and grill it over coals

Post-dinner stop at a cozy traditional Korean pub (optional)

1-8 guests

$140 - $225 per person

All inclusive food and drink

6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Or till we call it a night

Details & Itinerary

Sixty percent of Seoul’s meat comes from Majang Market. It’s an active market where freshly slaughtered animals are trucked in, broken down, and sold. This market is not for the squeamish, as you’ll see all the parts of cattle and swine strewn about the stalls. This may be why it’s not promoted much to ordinary tourists.

But you’re not a tourist! You want adventure!

We meet outside Yongdu Station, exit 4. Then we traverse this forgotten neighborhood to the rough-and-tumble meat market.

How rough is it?

Majang’s knife-weilding vendors have successfully kept Korea’s mobsters away from claiming it as territory. But don’t worry. Ironically, the evening is the safer time to go because it’s not buzzing with weaving madcap vehicles. Be prepared to see carcasses, heads, feet, and innards. True meat lovers have no qualms with this.

Hanwoo Beef

Buy It and Grill It

We’ll stop by one of our regular reliable butchers for some top grade Hanwoo Beef and maybe some fine quality pork. Then we head upstairs to a restaurant with amazing side dishes to grill up our bounty.

Now, I have said that the market has kept gangsters from invading it, but we have dined at a table next to them–which was quite the experience.

Traditional Korean Pub (optional add-on)

After dinner, we’ll stumble a few blocks to a gem of a neighborhood bar that specializes in small batch craft Korean alcohol and amazing pub grub.

We toast the evening before we get you a taxi or take you to Majang Station to return to your hotel.

All the food and drink for the evening is included in the price.

  • Meet at Yongdu Station, exit 4.
  • Explore Majang Meat Market
  • Buy premium Hanwoo Beef and some high quality Handon Pork from a butcher
  • Grill the meat at an on-site restaurant with drinks
  • (optional add-on) Go to a neighborhood traditional pub for more food and drinks
  • Taxi or subway back to your point of origin
What You Should Bring
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • An ample appetite

Video of Majang Market with ZenKimchi’s Joe and iGoBart

Check Out the Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

That price seems steep compared to other BBQ tours.

That’s because it’s beef. Korea has some of the highest beef prices in the world. By request, we started developing a beef BBQ experience. What we aimed to do was to create as much value as possible.


Are there vegetarian options?

Trust me. Vegetarians would feel uncomfortable at the market.


Is the market really dangerous?

No. The only scary thing is the vehicles zooming around the place. That’s why we chose a time when the market is slower.


What is Hanwoo beef?

It’s a prized Korean beef similar to Wagyu and Kobe. Even though it’s spelled Hanwoo, it’s pronounced Han-oo.



# GuestsRegular Public Booking
(per person)
Private Booking (per person, includes pub add-on)
automatically closes all other bookings
1 Guest$190$350
2 Guests$150$230
3-4 Guests$120$190
5-6 Guests$120$160
7-8 Guests(only private)$140
Traditional Pub Add-on+$50 per personincluded in the price

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