Our team works to create a special experience to fit your needs. Each of our guides has a special focus. They are the ones The New York TimesLonely PlanetConde Nast Traveler, CNN, and other media outlets, chefs, and journalists contact to show them unique experiences only locals know.


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  • A non-refundable $100 design fee is required to start. This fee will be discounted from your total.
  • Guide fees do not include food, transportation, or other expenses. These are solely fees for the guides and support staff in arranging the tour.
  • Tours are arranged based on guest, guide, and venue availability. This is just the starting point of the adventure.
  • We will send you a credit card invoice to pay for the host fee. After the experience date, we will send a second invoice to cover expenses during the tour. Receipts available upon request.

Your Hosts

Meet your new friends.

Joe McPherson

The Food Writer

Steve Roe

Steve Roe

The Image Maker

Shawn Morrissey

The Folklorist Hiker

Taeni Park

Taeni Park

The Night Angel

Ron Chang

The Veteran Local

David Mason

The Professor


Hannah Roberts

The Seoul Storyteller

Simon Lee

The Flying Chef

Jeff Yu

Jeff Yu

The Party Host

Bre Lee

Bre Lee

The Food Queen

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