Soak Up Spring in Seoul with Cherry Blossoms

🌸 A magical city walk 🌸


Indulge in Seoul’s cherry blossom splendor right within the city limits, just moments away from most hotels. Begin your journey at Gongdeok Station Exit 1, where you’ll find yourself immersed in a breathtaking 4-kilometer cherry blossom-lined path within the Gyeongui Line Forest Park. Delight in the convenience of exploring this natural wonder without straying far from your accommodation.

As you traverse this enchanting trail, soak in the fascinating history of the Gyeongui Line, an architectural marvel constructed over a century ago, linking Yongsan to Kaesong in North Korea. Pause midway near Hongik University Station to capture captivating photos of the blooming scenery and unwind at a nearby cafe, enjoying panoramic vistas of the path you’ve traveled.

Complete your cherry blossom adventure at Yeontral Park in Yeonnam-dong, a serene retreat that offers a perfect blend of tranquility and urban charm. Named after its location and inspired by New York’s Central Park, this oasis provides a picturesque backdrop for reflecting on the beauty of springtime in Seoul. Discover the convenience and splendor of exploring Seoul’s cherry blossoms right at your doorstep.

This is a seasonal tour, available a few weeks between March and April.


  • Meet at Gongdeok Station, exit 1
  • Walk along nearly four kilometers of cherry blossoms
  • Explore one of Seoul’s newest and most story-filled parks
  • Enjoy a stunning view from a charming cafe
  • End at Yeontral Park, near Hongik University Station


  • March 25 – April 11th
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
  • 10 a.m. & 2 p.m.
  • Tour length: 2 hours


  • 1 Adult: $40
  • 2 Adults: $35/each
  • 3+ Adults: $30/each
  • Youth (12-18 years old): $15/each
  • Children (7-12 years old): $10/each
  • Infants – 6 years old: Free
  • NOTE: Children must be accompanied by adults

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Please wear comfortable shoes. The tour takes place outdoors, so dress for the season and the weather.

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