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Not THAT Tofu Steak

A larger variation of many traditional Korean pancakes, Tofu Steak was trendy for a while in dieting circles. The “steak” in this sense is supposed to resemble the Korean and Japanese versions of Hamburger Steak. It’s basically Tofu Meatloaf.

You can use any seasoning you like with Tofu Steak. I like to use Montreal Steak Seasoning. My sauce of choice is good ol’ British HP Sauce. For Americans, it tastes similar to A-1 Steak Sauce.

Valuable Tip

Get the firmest tofu you can. We call it Buchim Dubu 부침두부. It should have rough manly pockmarks in it.

This is the stuff gangsters eat when they’re first freed from jail.

Ex-con eating tofu

Ex-con eating tofu after his release (from Ask A Korean)

Here’s a picture of the package I used this time. Most Korean and Asian markets will carry Buchim or Jjigae tofu. Just any really firm tofu. If you’re not sure, show this picture or the words to a Korean staff member at a Korean market.

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