We all read about the health benefits of Korean food. In fact, it’s hard to find press releases about Korean food that don’t put its health at front and center. Now, I’ve stated before that the big backlash going on in America against the awful health food that’s been marketed to the public since the ’80s makes it a bad environment to promote yet another food as ‘healthy.’

Yet the other risky bit about putting all your eggs in the well-being basket is this: what if it was found that the food was not healthy?

The KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration) is investigating the salt content in the Korean diet. This is a brave thing for them to do, in my opinion. The findings could be damaging to this national morale that has placed so much hubris on the infallibility of its cuisine.

Korean food is salty. Kimchi is salty. Half the banchan is salty. That’s why the other dishes are so bland. It’s to counter the salt. So the KFDA is going to find if the Korean diet affects Koreans’ blood pressure and is even hinting that high kimchi consumption is the connection with Korea’s high stomach cancer rate (well, actually, a study by Korea’s National Cancer Center supports that statement). Koreans already take in twice as much sodium as recommended by the World Health Organization.

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