Woomi Dakgalbi, Chuncheon, Korea

Woomi Dakgalbi, Chuncheon, Korea

Woomi is an old-school 닭갈비 dakgalbi restaurant that has been in the mountain lakeside city of 춘천 Chuncheon, South Korea, since 1970. This was the Chuncheon dakgalbi I remember from my teaching English in the city in 1997. That was before the 2002 Korean TV drama 겨울연가...

Korea Didn't Get Peppers from the New World?

On the everything-you-know-is-wrong front, Korea Beat translates a story from Naver that a Korean scholar claims he has found evidence that Korea did not get hot peppers from the Americas by way of European traders—you know, how historically the rest of the world got...

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