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Posted by shinshine

After learning a lot about rice cooker baking from a great blog that’s dedicated to no-oven baking (in Korean), here is what I came up with.  Many of her rice cooker baking recipes center around foam cakes (folding in egg white foam to a base cake batter), so that’s where I am starting.  This makes a light, simple, moist, and not-so-sweet spice cake that’s good for anytime.

The recipe below yields a small round cake of 1.5″ (~4cm) height and 6″ (~15cm) diameter.  Feel free to convert the recipe based on the size of your cake mold, which is your rice cooker bowl.

I have an old model rice cooker that I can’t press the cook button right after the first cooking.  I had to wait about 15 minutes after turning off the machine in order to start the second cooking, which was fine – just in case you have an old model and can’t start the second round right away, it’s ok.

For storage, wrap in plastic and put it in the refrigerator.  It tastes better and stays moist the next day.  The cake can be cut and frozen for longer storage.

Whisking egg whites takes time and effort if you have to do it manually, which is the case with any foam cake.  Other than that, rice cooker baking eliminates the concern about pre-setting the oven temperature, checking in the middle for color, or exact finishing time.  When it’s done, the rice cooker will let you know!

carrot당근(dang geun)
egg달걀(dal gyal)
rice cooker밥솥(bap sot)


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