Easy Kimchi Deviled Quail Eggs

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Normally, I would have garnished them with something like gochugaru or chiffonade sesame leaves. But the baby was also eating these. She can handle a little bit of spice but not much. These were gone in fifteen minutes.


Fox Wine Bistro 포도먹는여우

Makkolli is not a Rice Wine, Dammit!


3 thoughts on “Easy Kimchi Deviled Quail Eggs”

  1. It’s the same here in Thailand. You can get quail eggs everywhere even on the Sizzler salad bar and I absolutely LOVE them

    Will have to try these as I’m already a deviled egg fanatic 🙂

  2. Well I do agree that we can take quail eggs from everywhere but we are not sure about its quality and how they prepare it . So the best way is to make it at home because it would also free from germs and all would agree that we can not make compromise on health . Furthermore, I also like the recipe but can be commented over it in good manner after try it .  


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