Japchae as Street Food Stuffing

I just noticed these in Insa-dong. Actually, I didn’t notice them in Insa-dong. We were so rushed with doing street food munching video footage for SBS that I didn’t investigate this further until I downloaded my pics at home. If I had been paying closer attention and not heeding the producer who wanted me to buy a hoddeok (in summer, have you), I woulda gone for one of these.

What are they?

They look like hoddeok with japchae inside. It looks like the same rice and corn flour mixture that’s in those famous Insa-dong hoddeok, which I call “Insa-dong hocakes.”

Gonna have to try one next time. People love japchae. People love fried dough. Together at last!

If you’ve tried these, report, please.


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8 thoughts on “Japchae as Street Food Stuffing”

  1. Evil! What if that was like a corn bread stuffed with chapchae? I noticed some burrito places in Toronto are catching on to the kogi style and including things like chapchae.

  2. the street shop near my apt had them and i didnt realize that they weren’t the regular hodeok cakes (they were made round), but after i got past the initial shock of not finding the sweet filling, I found them rather good. Slightly salty for my tastes, but the crunchiness of the warm dough w/ the noodles I thought was a very nice texture combination. I would have them again.

  3. Because of our general policy of not posting about food we can’t recommend, we didn’t write this one up for FatManSeoul ~ however, we can personally testify that these are completely, utterly disguisting and not meant for human consumption. Salty, dull noodles in an inedible, gut slaughtering piece of dough. Stay far, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away.


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