Spicy Naengmyeong with raw skate

Hui Naengmyeon at Hahm Ji Bach (credit: Joe DiStefano)

A lot of things have been posting out there. Here are some notable bites we’ve discovered out there.

  • Joe DiStefano discovers some great SundaeGuk, a refreshing Hoe Naengmyeong with raw skate and beef tongue at Hahm Ji Bach in Queens.
  • Paul Ajosshi has found some good pizza in the ‘Twon.
  • Kimchi Ice Cream exists! Scroll down.
  • Atlanta’s Creative Loafing reviews Woo Nam Jeong.
  • The JoongAng Daily talks about the difficulties of being a vegetarian in Korea–most being social.
  • San Diego Reader reviews Do Re Mi House.
  • So Korea’s first lady flew chefs all the way across the world to Wisconsin to cook for LPGA champion Y.E. Yangto make japchae?? You can’t get japchae in Wisconsin? I think there’s a better use for the government’s money. Maybe. (like giving some to ZenKimchi)
  • Super food blogger David Liebovitz tries Kyochon Chicken–and likes it!
  • Well, it looks like one blogger really enjoyed the gobchang at the L.A. Korean BBQ Cook-off. More posts on the event are here and here (and that kimchi ice cream post above).
  • Jaden at Steamy Kitchen makes a Korean Beef Rice Bowl. I’m beginning to think that “rice bowl” is becoming the American shorthand for “bibimbap.”
  • Korean street food twice makes the infamous web site This Is Why You’re Fat with sprinkled corndogs and the Tornado Potato.

Here’s what’s on the Korean language food blogs. Some of them are in Korean. Some of them I have filtered through Google Translate, which is not perfect, but you can get the gist of what they’re saying.

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