Even though American football hasn’t caught on in Korea the way baseball has, it does have its share of manly man foods that would be at home at a Superbowl party. Fiery BulDalk, Soondae Bokkeum, JokBal–those would work well. I don’t have recipes for those yet, and I won’t rehash my infamous Deep Fried Beer (oh, I guess I just did). But we do have an ample set of game day recipes with a Korean touch for some extra spice and flavor at your Superbowl festivities.

And you know a simple way to add a touch of Korea to any game party or any type of party? Lay out your veggie platter and add ssamjang (the stuff in the green tub) and doenjang (the brown tub stuff) as dips. You can even make a faux gochujang aioli by mixing a creamy mayo (Korean Ottogi brand works best) with garlic, lemon, and gochujang (the red tub stuff). Zesty!

Korean Fried Chicken

You can see our experiments or if you don’t feel like frying grab some chicken at the local chicken joint and toss it in our yangnyeom sauce.

Buttered Gochujang Chicken Wings

This is one of my favorite things to eat when my wife isn’t home. The gochujang gives them a deeper taste than traditional hot sauce, along with a lingering heat to help stave off that snowpocalypse.

Fencerider’s Korean Redneck Wings

We can’t put our wings on without mentioning the original Fencerider Wings. A little sweeter than ours but still as hot.

Korean Fried Chicken Nuggets

Or just go boneless with Tammy’s chicken nugget recipe.

Kimchi Quesadillas

Before the Ko-Mex craze hit America, I posted this little recipe, and people thought I was crazy. Well, maybe they’re right, but I was also right about how good this was.

Bulgogi Quesadillas with Smoky Gochujang Aioli and Korean Pear Salsa

And if you want to go a little upscale, try this prize-winning recipe. Yeah, seriously. I won W1,000,000 (~$930 USD) with this dish.

Korean Tacos–2 Ways

We round out our Ko-Mexican dishes with Tammy’s two versions of Korean tacos.

Kimchi Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Always good with a bowl of soup. Or slice into finger sizes for party platters with a dipping sauce.

Kimchi Deviled Quail Eggs

They don’t have to be quail eggs, but adding a little stir-fried kimchi to your deviled egg recipe gives them a satisfying kick.

Ultimate Rabokki

Go the street food route with the junkiest of Korean junk foods

Nurungji Chips

Shin’s rice chips are truly addictive.

Soy-Doenjang Steak Marinade

Better than Dale’s. I’ll just say that.

salt grilled shrimp
Photo: Seungho Han (cc)

Salt Grilled Shrimp

This is one of the first recipes we posted on the ZKFJ. Shrimp is cooked on a bed of hot salt, making the shells so crispy you don’t need to peel them.

Asian Spiced Fried Almonds

Not necessarily Korean, this is more in line with Spanish tapas but with some Chinese and Korean flavors.

Spicy Stir-fried Anchovies

Take these little guys and put them alongside some mixed nuts and chopped dried fruit for beer snacks.

Southern Style Kimchi Fried Rice

This is more of a hangover breakfast. Kimchi, bacon and cheese–tastes so good!

Sausage Kimchi Stir Fry

…with beer.

Chicken Giblets with Gochujang Sauce

MANLY! And in convenient hors d’oeuvres shapes.

Mini Tuna Pancakes

These low-fat treats are packed with flavor

Korean Tuna Melt

Korean grocery stores have different flavors of canned tuna. This takes advantage of the spicy flavored ones.

Stuffed Squid

Ojingeo sundae! Now we’re getting into street food territory. This is easy to eat for partiers.


This sweet street food treat satisfies our cravings for grease and sugar. Great handheld dessert or try it a la mode.

Adzuki Bean Brownies

Satisfy that sweet tooth with the surprisingly logical mix of sweetened red beans and chocolate

Yuja Soju Tincture

Technically illegal in California, but we won’t tell if you won’t.

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