The Wonderful World of Korean Food

This video, produced by the Korea National Tourism Organization, won a silver medal at the New York Festivals event on Friday. The narrator reminds me of the guy who dubs the chairman’s voice on Iron Chef.

“If memory serves me right…”


The Breakfast Club

Met the Fam


2 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of Korean Food”

  1. I’m a bit late on the comment of this post. When I was visiting my gf in Korea back in May/June, her university snack store had these. I tried the apple flavor one which was ok. You know Korea has a huge variety of Popsicles but for some reason they all have cream. I think Koreans love dairy products like yogurts, veggiemilks and cream popsicles. I still haven’t been able to find a nice simple fruit flavored popsicle that i like in Korea haha. Maybe it’s because im soo used to the cheap fruit popsicles you can get here in canada.


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