Brant had been bugging me for a long time to go on a venture down Meat Street behind his apartment in Ilsan. It doesn’t take much to persuade me, but Ilsan is also a major journey for me. But wow, it’s great.

It’s rows and rows of restaurants grilling meats — mostly ribs — each trying to get your business.

On Easter Sunday, we finally did the Meat Street thing and had some ribs at this one joint. It was amazing. They had different styles.

The ladies liked the basic style.

The spicy style was a bit much for them. It was almost too much for me too, admittedly. I had ample Cass Red to numb much of my nerve receptors.

Let’s zoom in on that rib goodness.



Ooh, baby!

I think I need to take more trips to Ilsan.

Even their Dalk Ggochi (Chicken on a Stick) is bigger!

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