Ilsan’s Meat Street

Brant had been bugging me for a long time to go on a venture down Meat Street behind his apartment in Ilsan. It doesn’t take much to persuade me, but Ilsan is also a major journey for me. But wow, it’s great.

It’s rows and rows of restaurants grilling meats — mostly ribs — each trying to get your business.

On Easter Sunday, we finally did the Meat Street thing and had some ribs at this one joint. It was amazing. They had different styles.

The ladies liked the basic style.

The spicy style was a bit much for them. It was almost too much for me too, admittedly. I had ample Cass Red to numb much of my nerve receptors.

Let’s zoom in on that rib goodness.



Ooh, baby!

I think I need to take more trips to Ilsan.

Even their Dalk Ggochi (Chicken on a Stick) is bigger!


Gave It to Brant

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9 thoughts on “Ilsan’s Meat Street”

  1. It’s near Brant’s apartment. That’s how I know where it is.

    Actually, the best info I can give you off the top of my head is that it’s adjacent to the big, big park in Ilsan.

  2. Its along the same road as La Festa (adj. to Lake Park) heading west. Once you pass the shopping area, you’ll start smelliing the grills.

    One warning tho, it is not sanitary at all. Even for Korean standards, so prepare yourself for some serious culture!

  3. .i was in korea like a month ago…stayed for 20 days..i loved the chicken on a stick…i didnt know that i was going to miss that flavour this much..i live in turkey and there is no way for me to make it here without knowing how to make there any chance that i can get find the recipe ?

  4. They have different sauces on different ones. I think you likely had the dark brown sauce, which is a syrupy variation of teriyaki.

    I’ll see if I can get some info or recreate it at home.

  5. ahh yes was brownish and extremely spicy…and sweet.they acctually asked us if we wanted that super spicy (which i liked the best)…thank you:)


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