Bean Table is featured in this gorgeous episode of the new Arirang series “Semipermanent.” This is a show that highlights expats in Korea, and it’s definitely a positive sign in Arirang’s new turn in programming. It is not so much awkward government propaganda (as my show, you could say, was). It’s an actually nicely produced mature program.

And they featured Bean Table!

My friend Sarah Lee introduced me to Bean Table (review and map here) on my birthday this year. I was blown away. That was also the day we decided to do a pop-up restaurant together. Remember that?

And they featured Sarah Lee!

Some people have asked why we haven’t done another pop-up restaurant lately. As you can see from the video, Sarah apprenticed at Bean Table, and she’s about to open an outlet of Bean Table in Los Angeles. She’s returned to the States.

Also featured are food writer Meagan Mastriani, talking about the Chinese food culture in the Daerim neighborhood where she lives. They also go to the Moroccan sandwich shop Casablanca.

Great show. Stick around for the credits.

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