There’s a Bon Dosirak franchise near my day job’s location. This is the latest concept from Bon Juk and Bon Bibimbap. I’ve had a few of these dosirak (lunchboxes) before. I particularly like the way they pay tribute to regional cuisines, like the Andong Jjimdalk dosirak, the Sokcho Spicy Octopus dosirak, and the Chuncheon DalkGalbi dosirak.

I’m going to try to systematically go through as much as I can of their menu in the next couple of months. Honestly, there isn’t much else in this neighborhood. I also find these to be tasty, healthy, and not too harsh on the wallet.

Today, I went there for the first time. The owner was surprised to see a foreigner come in, read the menu (it’s all in hangeul), and order. She even gave me a free cup of soup because I was the first foreigner they ever had.

Today’s dosirak is the first item on their menu, Grilled Deodeok Gochujang Samgyeopsal Dosirak 더덕고추장삼겹쉬 도시락. This is a bit of a nod to Gangwon Province, where they grow deodeok. I’m a big fan of this root. “Bastard’s Ginseng.” It’s sweet and crunchy like a carrot, but it also has a little bite to it, like a horseradish. It’s cooked with some thinly sliced pork belly rubbed in gochujang.

The banchan is all designed to be a rice thief. They can’t be eaten on their own because they’re too sour and strongly seasoned. They need rice for balance. The set comes with a package of kim (dried seaweed) for making little rolls out of the banchan and rice. I also got a cup of maesil juice and the aforementioned doenjang soup.

Clockwise from the rice:

Pajeon (green onion pancake). It had a fresh oil flavor, like that of buttered popcorn.

Fried fishcake.

Deodeok Gochujang Samgyeopsal.

Imitation Crab stuffed with Sweet Potato Mousse. Delightful little morsel.

Jeotgal. Fermented sea critters. These really should just go on the rice. I love this stuff.

Pickled Cucumbers. These were so strongly pickled that they needed rice.

Stir-fried Kimchi.

The full set goes for W8,900. The “danpum” version without the four banchan on the right goes for W7,200.

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