A Tale of Two Tongues: Pairing Wine with Hansik

A Tale of Two Tongues: Pairing Wine with Hansik

Asian cuisine, and Korean food in particular, is notoriously difficult to pair with wine. Even wine-lovers agree that beer is easier on the palate, as it combats the ever-present chilli peppers and compliments the potent flavours without neutralising them. What’s...
Is American soju 'watered down'?

Is American soju 'watered down'?

Twitter makes it so much easier to “eavesdrop” on conversations of random strangers, which I do via a list of search terms related to Korean cuisine. For every person who asks a question, many others have the same one bouncing around their minds. Even...

Riesling and Pajeon

Wine Korea’s Joshua Hall is an interesting cat. He’ll take a $50 bottle of wine to a simple Korean dive because the pairings fit. I had the pleasure of sharing this German Riesling with him at a hole-in-the-wall pajeon joint in Yeoksam-dong last week. The...

Wine Chocolate

Something new I found from those Dream Cacao folks. This is a wine-flavored chocolate. According to the insert inside the container, it’s infused with powdered Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. Even though, of course, there’s no alcohol in them, they do taste a...

Banchan: Wine and Korean Food

GO YU-NA! I guess you heard about our little superstar. And now the banchan: Dr. Vino wonders if Korean food is impossible to pair with wine and then is surprised. Obviously hasn’t read much Josh Hall Asian wine goddess Jeannie Cho Lee’s recent gala at the...

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