Chuseok Memories

Chuseok Memories

To commemorate Chuseok, here’s a little something I wrote a couple of years ago for Seoul Magazine: What makes family holidays special?  Besides celebrating a certain event, they are markers for people to reflect on the past, relishing in dusty memories, and...

Chuseok Spread

This post has been delayed because I haven’t been able to think of anything intelligent or snarky to say. So when I can’t think of anything, I guess it’s time for FOOD PORN!! I was invited to my first official Chuseok ceremony a few weeks ago. I had...

Rocky Top Anyang-shee

I am in the third week of my semi-annual Seoul Cough. Any time it switches from winter to spring or summer to fall, I get this acute bronchitis. Many foreigners and Koreans get this. So far, it hasn’t developed into anything more serious. It’s just...

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