As a public service, I usually (not all the time) try out whatever new crime against nature product from Lotteria’s great minds. What really got it rollin’ was a text message from Wine Korea’s Joshua Hall saying something like, “You gotta try this!”

Already I felt a little safer about this one compared to something like, say, the rice burger, because I already like–am addicted to–the shrimp burgers. And this was a bonus one with two shrimp patties and two sauces.

One side was the standard tartar sauce-like stuff, and the other side was a sweet southeast Asian style chili sauce, all served on a long roll with lettuce.

Yep, I liked it. The shrimp burgers are getting closer and closer to tasting like po’ boys. It’s junky, and I can’t eat these all the time. It’s not gonna blow your mind, but at times Lotteria has to be treated like kids at a church camp–give them praise for effort.

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