Wednesday night, I met Julie, Crystal, Amy, and later Brant at Two Two Fried Chicken for chicken and beer. The topic of much of our conversation was what we’re going to do for April Fool’s Day, mainly to Eric. We were discussing ideas like all quitting on the same day or telling the Lunch Ajumma that Eric has the hots for her.Instead, it looks like I was the only one who pulled any pranks. I got into work before Eric did, so I unplugged the cord to his computer monitor and hid it. That way I got rid of his crutch that made him look like he actually DID anything at his job. I heard he was panicking pretty hard. One of the Korean teachers had to tell him. When he found out it was me, he took it in good humor. It disturbs me, though, that if a Korean had pulled that prank, she would have gotten fired.

My other little mischievous gag was my arts and crafts project for Hera class. We took little bits of toilet paper, splotched them red with red marker, and stuffed them up our noses. My whole class had nosebleeds. Some kids had two nosebleeds. Soon everyone wanted a nosebleed.

I’ve designed two of the t-shirts we had discussed making. They’re online now under the “Junk” link. One is the t-shirt for “give round-eye fork!” You know, that phrase we all use when we feel that some Asian is treating us like we’re stupid. The other is “Give me a beer” translated into Korean and written in hangeul. That t-shirt would prove useful to anyone living in or visiting Korea.

We had our teacher workshop at 6 PM. It wasn’t too painful. We each had to go up in front of everyone and share some technique we used to teach the kids. I showed everyone the Phonetic Alphabet. Kinda hard to explain in text. It’s a way of saying the alphabet by pronouncing the letters as how they literally sound. At the end of the meeting, Eddie used it as an opportunity to get Eric to tell Mr. Min and Mrs. Lee (who were attending the workshop) that it doesn’t make much sense to blame the Korean teachers whenever we lose a student but not give them credit when we gain or keep them. Of course, we’re sure that Eric never translated what Eddie said to them. Eddie told Eric he was resigning, and this wasn’t an April Fool’s joke.

Last night I had a major low blood sugar attack while on the phone with SJ. I rushed down to the corner market to get some ice cream, which always cures it. My hands were shaking so hard that I couldn’t lock the door to my apartment. I only get these once a year or so. I’m worried because I had a mild one Saturday. Ironically, I was on the phone with SJ when that one occurred. Wonder if that indicates something, hm?

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