Category: Miscellaneous

Weblog Awards

This is a public service announcement, um, announcing, that the Weblog Awards have opened nominations. Hmm, I wonder who could qualify for “Best Asian Weblog.”

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Where Meat Comes From

This is one of those few areas where I’m political about food. Yes, I make fun of vegetarians a lot, but I respect them a lot more than meat eaters who want to pretend that their meat doesn’t come from a live animal....

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Globat Alert

I’d change hosting providers, but I’ve already paid for a few years hosting already. This is an alert to anyone hosted by Globat–they are doing it again. Here’s the email they sent out to everyone. Dear...

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The Book

An essay that I wrote on Korean food and essays and photos from other foreigners in Korea, including some that you have seen on this site, is now published in the book Korea Up Close. You can buy your copy at Seoul Selection...

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