What if U.S. Cities were in South Korea?

What if U.S. Cities were in South Korea?

On a whim, I broke out ye olde Wikipedia and took down the population numbers for U.S. and South Korean cities. I matched them as closely as I could and plotted them out on a map. This is the result. I don’t know if it means anything to anyone, but it was a fun...
Infographic: The Diet Debunker

Infographic: The Diet Debunker

You know how I am skeptical of all the diet fads, especially the health claims attached to Korean cuisine. Korean cuisine, when done right, is quite healthy. But sometimes promoters are too eager to attach wild claims (Kimchi cures SARS) or use some flaky diet scheme...

Bad Moon?

Share it if you get it. (Hint: Think CCR)
Grits in Korea

Grits in Korea

This is a blog supplement to my article appearing in The Korea Herald this week. Wow, it’s taken me two and a half years to get around to sharing one of the finds that was one of the reasons for starting the Food Journal. During the short stint where I...

Weblog Awards

This is a public service announcement, um, announcing, that the Weblog Awards have opened nominations. Hmm, I wonder who could qualify for “Best Asian Weblog.”

Where Meat Comes From

This is one of those few areas where I’m political about food. Yes, I make fun of vegetarians a lot, but I respect them a lot more than meat eaters who want to pretend that their meat doesn’t come from a live animal. I myself have helped slaughter turkeys...

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