Bad Moon?

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Grits in Korea

This is a blog supplement to my article appearing in The Korea Herald this week. Wow, it’s taken me two and a half years to … Read more

Weblog Awards

This is a public service announcement, um, announcing, that the Weblog Awards have opened nominations. Hmm, I wonder who could qualify for “Best Asian Weblog.”

Where Meat Comes From

This is one of those few areas where I’m political about food. Yes, I make fun of vegetarians a lot, but I respect them a … Read more

Globat Alert

I’d change hosting providers, but I’ve already paid for a few years hosting already. This is an alert to anyone hosted by Globat–they are doing … Read more

The Book

An essay that I wrote on Korean food and essays and photos from other foreigners in Korea, including some that you have seen on this … Read more

I Like Hot Food, But…

Koreans pride themselves on eating some pretty spicy food. Even though not all of it is as spicy as what I’m used to, coming from … Read more