Christmas Chronicles

Christmas Rice Cake

  Merry Christmas! Today, I present my Christmas rice cake to you.  Although I started with a grand vision of creating a whole Santa’s village, … Read more

Black Sesame and Chestnut Scones

December is the busiest month for restaurants and my schedule doesn’t allow me to spend much time in my home kitchen.  Yet, whenever I can, I’ve been baking to resolve … Read more

German Christmas Market

One thing I miss about Germany is Christmas, and I was too young and stupid when I lived there to appreciate it. A Weinachtsmarkt (Christmas … Read more

French Christmas Market

In America, it’s Santa waving at the end of the Macy’s Thankgiving Parade. In Seoul, the Christmas season starts with the French Market, or Marché … Read more

Kimchi Stuffing

Posted by Tammy I didn’t have time to make a YouTube video version of this recipe before Thanksgiving, but I didn’t want the recipe to … Read more

Korean Christmas Cakes 2009

To an expat like me, Korean Christmas lacks the warmth of family and tradition.  It’s a new holiday, and it’s treated more like Valentine’s Day.  … Read more

Roasted Turkeys at E-Mart

I’d heard that they did it last year but didn’t see any hard evidence.  Today, we received a sell sheet for E-Mart advertising the usual … Read more

The Carpenters at Christmas

Forgive me a little cheesy nostalgic Christmas indulgence. Amongst my immediate family’s family traditions is the shamelessly white bread Carpenters Christmas Portrait album of 1978. … Read more