Roasted Turkeys at E-Mart

I’d heard that they did it last year but didn’t see any hard evidence.  Today, we received a sell sheet for E-Mart advertising the usual sales when something caught my eye. “홀 터키 바베큐 예약판매” “Whole Turkey Barbecue Reservation Deal”...
Christmas Cakes Abound

Christmas Cakes Abound

As the Feetman Seoul states, Christmas is a romantic holiday in Korea and Japan. The music you hear everywhere is not Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas.” It’s more likely “Last Christmas (I Gave You My Heart)” and other post-1980...
My First Foie

My First Foie

Remember this? I bought it at Chef Meili Delicatessen a few months ago. Someone had special ordered it and never picked it up. It wasn’t cheap, but I bought it on impulse (I’m an impulsive food buyer–you should see the Japanese meat grinder...

Christmas Dinner in Korea

I just remembered–Galbijim has a whole page dedicated to tracking down Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in Korea, as well as turkeys. May I also add that I’ve heard a rumor that Chef Meilinger (Chef Meili) plans to have roast goose with an Old Worlde...

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