Christmas Chronicles

Christmas Cakes Abound

As the Feetman Seoul states, Christmas is a romantic holiday in Korea and Japan. The music you hear everywhere is not Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas.” … Read more

My First Foie

Remember this? I bought it at Chef Meili Delicatessen a few months ago. Someone had special ordered it and never picked it up. It wasn’t … Read more

Christmas Dinner in Korea

I just remembered–Galbijim has a whole page dedicated to tracking down Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in Korea, as well as turkeys. May I also add … Read more

Good Dark Hot Chocolate

Let’s get these Christmas Chronicles rollin’. The holidays are a tough time for ex-pats who are away from their families. I do the best I … Read more

Christmas Cookies, Dammit

Really did the Christmas thing this time. I’ve gotten tired of lonely ex-pat Christmases. I’m going to have my Christmas, dammit! Even though Eun Jeong … Read more

Egg Nog

I’m one of those people who really loves egg nog. Back home, I would buy cartons and cartons of the stuff when it was in … Read more