Product Review: Annie Chun's Korean Sweet Chili Noodle Bowl

Product Review: Annie Chun's Korean Sweet Chili Noodle Bowl

The Korean blogosphere has been spinning recently over how to introduce Korean cuisine to American markets and, particularly, what should be role of the South Korean government in this popularization. However, Korean food companies on both sides of the Pacific...

BiBi–Oh, NO-O-O!!

Here it is, folks. Meet your new master. Remember the beloved Cafe Sobahn in downtown Seoul? It closed down to create this: The name “Bibigo” combines bibimbap, the spicy mixed rice and vegetable dish and “to go.” The restaurant’s emphasis is on quick takeout. “It’s...

Junk: Lotteria's Red & White Burger

As a public service, I usually (not all the time) try out whatever new crime against nature product from Lotteria’s great minds. What really got it rollin’ was a text message from Wine Korea’s Joshua Hall saying something like, “You gotta try...

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