“Morning Wide” on SBS featured a few bloggers from the Nanoomi network, particularly Rob (Roboseyo), Simon (Eat Your Kimchi), Stafford (Chosun Bimbo) and me. You can also get a glimpse of our fearless small-face leader Cynthia.

The premise–I think–is that foreigners can like Korean food as easily as Koreans. I know it sounds moronic, but it’s such a point of fascination to the Korean media, who regularly assumes that Korean food hadn’t become popular because it’s too spicy. One example of this Koreans-only assumption is when the host goes up to a French chef and almost jumps out of his underpants when he finds out he’s a foreigner. It’s played up for the morning audience.

I only had time to join them after my Korean class, and we had some Jjuggumi Bokkeum–TWICE!! The reshot the entire sequence with me in Rob’s place after he left. I had already made Jjuggumi Bokkeum at my home a couple of days before. And the day before Stafford and I spent the morning watching the Superbowl at The Wolfhound, while that night I was at a party populated by chefs until 1 a.m. So my stomach was not in the best shape. I could eat nothing but fruit the rest of the week.

Thank you Simon and Stafford for posting the video.

DISCLAIMER: They really wanted Stafford and me to make a big heart with our arms, and we flatly refused. We all negotiated and settled on a compromise of doing hand hearts as gangsta signs.