Man, I’ve been lazy on this blog.

Well, everyone knows that Eun Jeong and I have gotten officially married, even though the actually ceremony won’t be until October.  We’re still working on the–nah, we’re not really working to hard on the wedding plans.  We’re too busy with other things.

The podcast and other web sites are still going strongly.  I’m still meeting awesome people.  Eun Jeong had her American debut on Bizarre Foods.  She still doesn’t comprehend what a big deal that was.  I myself was featured on the Korean station KBS, which Eun Jeong thought was a big deal.  We also were both on Arirang.

Our lives are busy but not as stressful as before.  We’re enjoying ourselves.  Our bond has gotten stronger.  I think we get along a lot better.  We do more things together.  Eun Jeong doesn’t completely understand what I do or why I do it, but with calls from KBS and such, she realizes that something special is going on there.

We’ve also been absorbed to interesting circles of friends, particularly the “Star Chef Family.” This includes successful Korean professionals who all have one thing in common–they love Chef Kim’s food.  Chef Kim has been bringing up ideas of a business that we could all start together.  Still trying to get more info on that.  Nonetheless, we’re in great company who know how to enjoy life.  Eun Jeong made the observation that the wives come out and join in the fun.  She said that Korean men usually don’t go out with their wives like that.  Even though we don’t make nearly as much money as the rest of the group, we’re weirded out a bit at the level of admiration they’ve given us.  Life is so freakin’ amazing.

Since I’ve last posted, winter has left.  Spring is finally sticking around for a while.  The past few years it’s been in a hurry.  It’s now mid June, and the weather is still pleasant.  I want to take advantage of this and go out some more.

Chris and I are secretly planning a little adventure, and since no one reads this blog, the people I want to keep this secret from won’t find out.  Every year I’ve lived in Anyang during the monsoon season, I’ve wanted to take an innertube and ride it down the rushing streams.  I mentioned this to Chris, and he’s latched onto the idea.  He’s gone full throttle into planning the whole thing, along with a composite laminated Google Earth map of the river and setting up his helmet cam to record the whole event.  What we would do is start on the small river that runs by our houses, which leads into the Anyang River and eventually ends up in the great Han River.  We plan to stop before we get to the Han.  Chris has speculated the worse case scenario–that we’d get caught up in the Han’s current and end up on the northern side of the border.

I can’t believe we’re actually planning to do this!

I also can’t believe that my family is planning to come up to visit me.  I’ve been dreaming and mapping out each detail–or rather, marking which restaurants to hit when they come.  My brother is also coming–if work doesn’t keep him grounded.  That would be AMAZING!!  I want my family to experience and understand why I have chosen to stay here.  I am hooked on the Korean lifestyle.  I also have dreams of, well not retiring, but hermiting out in the Korean countryside.  I love it every time I venture out there.  But I’m sure it would grow old quickly.

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