I don’t mean to take any credit, but the Joe diet worked. EJ is back to her old self. She told me first thing this morning that she was feeling better. Her energy’s back up, as is her attitude and sense of humor. Today she ate more iron-rich foods and protein. We actually dined on pigs’ feet tonight, wrapped in lettuce. It’s something that sounds disgusting until you’ve tried it. I doubt I could find it in the U.S. if we ever moved back. I mean, the Korean style of pigs’ feet.

I picked up one of the tiny salted shrimp that came with our meal and joked, “It’s around Alkongi’s size.”

“No, he’s much bigger than that.”

“So Alkongi can already whoop this shrimp’s ass, right?”

Been obsessing over the baby today. I saw Midnight Runner Derek’s baby pics on Facebook today. He has a cute baby. I know. “All babies are cute.”

But really, I have seen some fugly babies. I can’t wait for ours to show.

We’re in the surreal part of spring. The flowers have been out for long enough that the petals are covering the ground and are flittering through the air like pink snow. I love this period, but it’s so short. And I’m usually so busy that I can’t stop and enjoy it.

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